Welcome to Miss Daisy’s Dog Camp Unique training school, activity center and boarding facility

Miss Daisy's Dog Camp is a unique training school, activity center and boarding facility located almost midway between Tomball and The Woodlands, just north of Houston. After caring for people's pets since 1987, the owner, Debbie Oliver, CPDT-KSA, felt there was a real need for an alternative to kennels and traditional dog day care.

Miss Daisy's is the result of years of planning "the perfect dog camp" and finally became a reality in 1995. The benefits of a day of structured play are many. Dogs brought consistently to Miss Daisy’s are often more confident and well-adjusted in their everyday lives. Camp gives them an opportunity to socialize with other dogs and people. Play with a purpose under the supervision of one of certified trainers or other highly-educated staff gives them an outlet for their energy.

At Miss Daisy's, each dog is treated as the individual they are. That is why each dog is provided with a thorough, choice-based personality assessment. We take into account your dog's age, breed, training history, confinement/rest preference, play style, energy level, exercise requirements, health/injury status and personality when designing a program to best meet their individual needs in our activity center.

We work with puppies and adult dogs on things such as potty training, obedience, basic manners, problem solving and even agility. We love working with shy dogs. Those that were afraid to walk in the door, are now running in to spend a fun day with friends. Training can take place in a group in our lighted play yard, your home, at camp or during an extended boarding stay. Each training program is custom-designed to meet YOUR needs, because what works for one family or dog doesn’t always work for another.

If you are just thinking about getting a dog we love to help families find the perfect puppy or dog to add to your family. If you have already selected your pup but would like help to make sure you get started the right way, we love and our customers love "Before you get your puppy" consults. You'll have fewer behavior problems to correct down the road, and your dog's life-long relationship with you will be one you'll both treasure.

What? You don’t have a dog? Miss Daisy’s can even help you find the perfect dog through a shelter or a responsible breeder and teach you how to bring a dog into your home the right way. That way, you and your new pooch get off on the right foot the first time. You’ll have fewer behavior problems to correct down the road, and your dog’s life-long relationship with you will be one you’ll both treasure.

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